White night

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White night


Your kids will be wowed

Magic is a bridge that allows us to move from the visible to the invisible world. Thanks to magic we come to learn from both worlds.

All kinds of shows, an entertaining night, music, jugglers — your kids will be bewitched!

  • Bright butterflies

  • Suited for families

  • Ski pass day

  • Choirs and much more..

Singers, dancers, artists up in the air: this night will tell a lot about entertainment on the Alpe Cimbra.

«A night which envelops you: music, sounds, and colors will liven up the atmosphere.»


«An evening suitable for everyone: the first part for the little ones and their families, then a pleasant night to spend in the bars with your friends.»


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On this page: ALPE CIMBRA EVENTS , you can find all events.

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